Nov 212011

Grab a fresh glove and your favorite slick & thick lube, guys, because we’re going in!  If you have a prostate then you have a treasure trove of delightful nerves just waiting to be discovered and stimulated. FunWares and I don’t want that poor prostate to be neglected for one more minute, so check out this video on prostate stimulation and butt play!

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Oct 022010

Yes, you can find his/your prostate!

I’ve been showing a lot of love to the ladies during this series and now it’s time to focus in on the gents!  Ready to go hunting for his prostate, or your own?  Be sure to watch this video to learn what it is and how to enjoy some intense prostate pleasure. Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series possible.

Aug 082008
Nexus Glide - Delicious Back Door Fun for Beginners

Nexus Glide - Delicious Back Door Fun for Beginners

Product: Nexus Glide (in black)

Price: Currently on sale for $54.95 at PuckerUp

Purchased: At the vending table for PuckerUp, during AASECT

Admit it, ladies. Those of you who like the boys have always been a bit curious about slipping in a finger, or maybe even a small toy. Is it possible he might just like it? Gentlemen, you know you can be honest with me. You’ve thought about it a bit more than once or twice and wondered if those prostate stories could possibly be worth all the hype. And for those of you who are smiling and saying, “Been there, Ruth,” then perhaps you’ve cast a lusty eye at the attractive design of these little beauties and wondered about the steel ball embedded in the handle. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the best beginner’s butt toy for men to grace our testing lab, in both solo and couple’s tests.

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