Aug 152011

  • Toy: Forbidden Fruit (sent by for review)
  • Type: Hard plastic vibrator in the size and shape of a vibrant red apple
  • Manufacturer: Riannes
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Price: $119 (but on sale for $89.99 at the time of this post)
  • SMT rating: 1, but remember it’s an outtie so it you won’t be inserting it.

Ever fancied yourself an seductive evil queen, an innocent maiden, or perhaps Eve discovering something delightful to share with Adam (or Lilith)?  Perhaps you just prefer a classy vibrator you can leave on your nightstand when the dog-sitter comes over, or you’re looking for the most daring conversation starter at the Halloween party this year.  This lovely outtie vibe will give you a taste of pleasure, regardless!

The Forbidden Fruit vibrator was sent to me for review form, and is it ever a pretty little thing!  It feels sturdy in the hand and is clearly well made, complete with decadent packaging.  Made of ABS plastic with a flexible green stem, it sits in a stately domed container that also functions as its charging station, thanks to a port in the back.  It has seven function settings, all controlled by manipulating the stem side to side: steady on, 3 wave patterns, and 3 intermittent patterns.  All of those settings can be adjusted for intensity by pushing the stem up and down.  Holding the stem in for several seconds turns it on and off.  The vibration offers a steady rumbling sensation in a middle-to-lower pitch of vibration and it does get quite strong at the higher speeds.  A red light shines when buttons are pressed and when it needs a recharge.  Just be sure not to leave this apple charging for more than 24 hours, and to give it a curtousy charge if you haven’t used it in a month for whatever reason.


May 282010

It’s nearing the end of national masturbation month, so let’s all spend our weekend in fond adoration of the hobby we never list on Facebook.  In fact, let’s do it right by giving our neglected G spots some much deserved loving.

Our poor G spots have had a rough time of it lately.  First, no one believes they exist.  Then finally, we start to give them credit but just then they’re bombarded by theatrical and often bizarre porn images of what they “should” be doing.  What’s next?  Of course, some foolish researchers declare they’re imaginary again.   Now we’re all in a tizzy while our patient little G spots sit and wait for us to get over the newest silliness.  Let’s all take a deep breath, calm down for a bit, and get ourselves some accurate information on how to love our very real G spots.  And while we’re at it, lets make this information really sexy, to get our G spots ready to be found!

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to the G-Spot

Tristan's Guide is Spot-On

Oh so good – and just in time – Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to the G Spot DVD is not only a hot video, but it’s got great information on how to stimulate the G Spot(s) in your life. This is her 4th DVD with Vivid’s educational line, so you know it comes with the highest quality of cinematography, directing and editing. You are introduced to enjoyment that you can have by yourself or with a partner (for folks who have at least one woman in their relationship), giving strong support for the absolute reality of the G spot. The DVD is not region encoded and so can be enjoyed both in the US and in other countries.  Plus, it’s DVD-ROM compatible.

Tristan has cast some real hotties for demonstrating stimulating techniques and they have great chemistry together, making this video a pleasure to watch and learn from.   The demonstrations include the physical viewing of how each technique is used (using diagrams, props, etc.) and what the resulting… physical response can be when it’s experienced. There is an optional word display that will tell you what they are doing and why it is good for the G Spot, once you get to the juicy parts.  Ever wondered what realistic squirting (female ejaculation) looks like? You’ll get to see it here, along with other G spot enhanced orgasms, and you’ll learn how to to do it yourself!  Plus there’s a chapter search function so you can review your favorite lessons later.

I’ve had the honor of meeting Tristan Taormino and speaking with her for a bit. She is a fantastic educator who really believes in her work.  This video is a quality product and shows that she takes great pride in what she presents, combining top-quality learning with the actual visual realism needed to promote ultimate gratification.

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Jan 202010
  • Toy: Flexi Felix (sent by TrinityRomance)
  • Type: Silicone anal beads/bloops
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: ~ $45
  • SMT rating: 0 (doesn’t vibrate, but you can add your own bullet vibe, as shown in the video)

This lovely, velvety, silicone improvement on anal beads was an absolute delight to review! The Trinity Romance Shop of Squamish, British Columbia (Canada) helps to keep its region, all of Canada, and the USA supplied with phthalate-free sex toys and sex-positive resources.  Naturally, I was thrilled when they offered to send me a review copy of the delightful Flexi Felix!  An interview with the founder will be featured here soon, so you can read all about the experience of starting an indie sexuality boutique up north.

Those who keep an eye on my blog know I make it my duty to scout out toys for faults and problems in order to give an honest review (regardless of whether it was sent to me for review or I bought it).  Therefore, you can be confident when I give a toy my joyful thumbs up!

The Flexi Felix by Fun Factory has joined the ranks of elite as a fantastic toy.  Compose of safe, sanitary silicone with no rough seams, excellent shaping, and a smiling flared base (just look at the video) – Flexi Felix should be a favorite of anal pleasure beginners and those who enjoy a good set of beads.  It’s firm enough to insert easily, a bead at a time, yet soft enough to be comfortable and easy to lubricate.  The base is the perfect size and shape to fit comfortably between the cheeks, complete with two holes for easy gripping and control.  And who can resist such an upbeat partner in pleasure, with that smiling face on the base?  For added fun, insert a thicker vibrating bullet into one of the eyes (she won’t mind) to give some buzz to the entire toy.

For those considering any type of anal beads, this toy should be at the top of your list.  Never purchase one with fabric string, or with beads strong loosely (unsealed) over a plastic or wire string.  These are the perfect places for bacteria to hide – luckily you’re safe from that with this toy.  Just give it a good washing before and after use, or you can even carefully dip it briefly in boiling water to sanitize it!

All butt toys should be used with plenty of high quality lube, including this one. Our tester used the Flexi Felix with oil-based lube, as that is what he prefers, but it can also be used with water-based lubricants.  It’s important to patch test silicone lubes on the base if you prefer them, as silicone lube can cause problems for silicone toys.  While he didn’t get much in the way of prostate stimulation from the toy, until it buzzed, he did enjoy the sensation of inserting and removing it.  I go into more detail on how to use the toy in the video, in case you’re curious or looking for suggestions.  This toy can also be enjoyed by folks with female parts, of course, as everyone’s anal area is rich with nerves made just for sexual pleasure.  That makes the Flexi Felix a great toy for every body!

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Oct 302009

Good Vibes - Fantastic Sex Shopping in San Francisco

Good Vibes is the first adult store from which I ever made an online purchase – way back during my time in New York. It changed my life, because the atmosphere of their website encouraged me to learn about what I was buying, as well as myself, without shame.

When I finally found myself in San Francisco I knew I must make the pilgrimage in person and I was not disappointed. What a fantastic store! I know good vibes was recently acquired by a larger company, but rest assured that the independent, feminist, service-oriented spirit is very much alive.

I walked into this store and was immediately greeted by their inspiring and entertaining selection of antique vibrators. As a proud owner of an early 1900s vibe myself, I was thrilled to see her sisters on display here. As one might expect, this excellent store sells a variety of toys for all genders and sexualities, as well as some uniquely tasty BDSM gear and plenty of books, condoms and lubes. Toys are usually on display, so you can check them out, and the lay out of the store is comfortable and easy to navigate.

Let me take a moment to compliment the staff, who are all far more trained and approachable than those are your typical (smuttier) store. As a professional sex educator, my questions tend to be picky and unusual. I was thrilled that staff were able to advise me on their items without hesitation, in spite of my detail-oriented needs. I left feeling well educated about the products that I was interested in, and confident that I could call later, if needed.

I should also mention that they have an art gallery space in the back are easily accessible by bus.

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Oct 292009
Whipped by Carol Queen

Whipped: 20 Erotic Stories of Female Dominance, edited by Carol Queen

Whipped, edited by Carol Queen, has renewed my faith in FemDom of erotic fiction! This book features a series of short and steamy stories in which women seduce and dominate a range of partners, for personal and perhaps even financial pleasure.

After my late teens I slowly stopped reading erotic fiction, mostly because it tends to stop being erotic after a while. I’m particularly hesitant to pick up books featuring sexually dominant women, as they tend to surprise me with a twist ending in which she decides she really prefers to submit to a rude and power-hungry male lover. Exit To Eden, I’m looking at you when I say that.

Whipped, however, brings the genre back where it belongs with a firm spank to lesser offerings. Each story is delightfully different from the others, representing diverse genders and sexualities, so some will raise your temperature while others just raise your eyebrows. Either way, I was kept wide awake on my flight back from San Francisco, which is one of the few times it is appropriate to read a book like this in a cramped public space. After all, the woman squished in next to me was reading a guide to one night stands and the fellow across the aisle was discussing his attempts to sew his own g-string. I fit right in prepping for this book review!

This book is also advertised with a DVD of the documentary “Whipped”. This video shows the lives of several professional and private female dominants as they work with whips and maintain their relationships. It’s a very interesting video, and would particularly well suited for those who are curious about what it is to be a professional dominatrix. Sad to say, I did not feel hopeful for any of the main characters or their relationships at the end of the video. While I would prefer to see some more successful experiences of lifestyle domination, perhaps this is a realistic depiction of the difficulties of confronting our society’s preference for women who are submissive in all areas of life.

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Aug 102009

I do hope you enjoy my first video review, complete with catchy intro music!

  • FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    Toy: The FemBlossom

  • Type: premium battery powered vibrator, heating (rechargable)
  • Manufacturer: Emotional Bliss
  • Material:  hard plastic, with antibacterial silver ions in the plastic
  • Cost: $99.95
  • SMT rating: 1 – 3 (depending on settings), with accompanying heat

The Femblossom comes from Emotional Bliss, a wonderful company with a unique approach to designing toys that stand apart.  They produce especially great products for women just learning to explore their own bodies with toys or who have not been satisfied with other products on the market.  The FemBlossom is no exception, and proves to be a fantastic outty vibe!

My Femblossom was sent to me for review and arrived well packaged, including an AC adapter, two small bottles of lubricant (water and silicone based), and a wonderful instruction manual.  The manual goes over the functions of the toy, including all 9 settings at 3 different levels of power annnnd it also heats!  I should mention that it is made with a silver ion technology in the plastic that gives it anti-bacterial properties when wiped down with water.

The Femblossom is designed as an outty toy, for use on the vulva including the clitoris, but not for insertion.  As you can see from the video, it’s curved to match the body and lay at the outside of the vulva, or directly stimulate the clit by pressing the curved section against the vulva or using the tip of the vibe.  It has subtle texture, not enough to overwhelm but enough to notice.  As you turn up the vibrations, you also turn up the heat.  The power button is located within easy finger’s reach, and you can scroll through the 9 settings using the + and – buttons.  It gets very powerful and very warm, but can also have a mild thrum with lower heat for those who prefer a softer touch, or who like to warm up gently.

Like its inny-outty sister, the Womolia, this is an excellent premium toy with dynamic uses.  Most toys with a powerful motor are good for getting off but not warming up, this one has a range that goes from sweetly seductive to very intense.  The heat function can be both relaxing and stimulating, and proves to be highly enjoyable.

For those who prefer an outty-only vibrator that does not look anything like a phallus, this is a phenominal choice!  It’s easy to use with partners, and to accompany penetration, solo or partnered. The buttons are easy to press and do not require a great deal of finger strength or dexterity and the toy is light and easy to hold. The battery even holds a charge for a long time!  Like the Womolia, I can’t find anything wrong with this toy, and am very happy to give it my whole hearted recommendation as a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced toy lovers!

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