Jan 212011
Tristan Taormino, Giving the Tour

Tristan Taormino, Giving the Tour

Fellow advocates for sex-positive community, and especially those of you who also do outreach and education, will want to take a good look at this!  Tristan was just ditched at the last minute as a keynote speaker at Oregon State University, after they had recently confirmed her booking.  Not only was this lost time, revenue, etc., but they have also refused to refund the travel expenses which she had already committed after their recent confirmation!  Help out Tristan by calling and emailing OSU and telling them to quit being dingleberries.  We should be able to expect them to live up to their duty, as a state university, to promote free speech and diverse education, especially that which is controversial.  And if they can’t grow some ovaries, then they should at least compensate her for her travel and time.  Remember folks, they can’t hear you shaking your head in dismay so be sure to tell them what you think of all this!  Tristan deserves our support, so please join me in standing by her.

And, if you live in Portland or know folks who do, be sure to help fill up her workshop at SheBop.  It’s worth noting that her workshops are over Valentine’s Day, which I’m assuming was also the time frame for her OSU lecture.  This is an important time of year for sex educators, financially, and it is particularly painful to have bookings cancelled then with no opportunity to replace them.

Read Tristan’s entire press release and get all of the details about what you can do.

Sep 302010
vibrator patent

images from what may be the first vibrator patent

I’ve put together this video on enjoying your first vibrator after a special request of one of my wonderful clients.  Watch and learn where and how to use a vibrator on the main lady in your life for exploration, intimacy and lots and lots of pleasure!  Thanks so much to FunWares for making this educational series possible!

Dec 082009

Don't Miss This Sassy Workshop - Saturday Evening at Lotus Blooms!

Tantalizing Toys

  • Shop with Dr. Ruthie from 7pm, Workshop 8:00-9:30pm
  • December 12, 2009
  • Cost: $20
  • Location: Lotus Blooms
  • Address: 1017 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

With so many luscious, healthy toys and lubes available, now is the perfect time to add these pleasures to your romantic repertoire!  Dr.Ruthie is coming to Lotus Blooms for this workshop to answer your questions on enjoying your sensuality with these items, solo and with your partners.  This workshop will include conversation on different types of toys and how to get the most from them, picking the perfect lubricant for your body, and how to communicate with your partner about your desires to explore together!  You’ll even get to meet Layla, a real vibrator from the early 1900s.  Arrive early to shop with Dr.Ruthie at 7pm, then join us for the workshop at 8:00pm sharp. All couples, individuals and friends are welcome. Reservations are suggested to ensure your seat. Call (703) 535-8225 for info and tickets.

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May 212009

I recently registered an account at GoodReads.com, and will be blogging relevant book reviews here, too.  If you’re also a GoodReads.com member please feel free to add me to your friends list.  As time permits I will be adding books I’ve already read, including many for sex nerds!

Guide to Getting It On! Guide to Getting It On! by Paul Joannides

My review


rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Guide to Getting It On is one of the very few how-to guides that I recommend to others. This book covers a wide variety of topics from basic anatomy to advanced sexual skills for new parents and/or disabled lovers! I know several instructors who use this thick book for their classes, but don’t let that give you the impression that it isn’t an interesting read. It’s engaging with a wonderful emphasis on the role of emotions and intimacy, whether play is solo or partnered. This edition offers additional information for men’s anal play and same sex relationships, which is an excellent improvement over past offerings. As an added bonus, the author is a great guy with a caring personality and a great deal of expertise. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own knowledge, want a gift for a coming of age young adult, or are seeking a great gift for a friend, this is a fantastic and reasonably priced find.

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Jul 172008
The Big Talk Can Be Scary for Some LolCats

The Big Talk can be scary for some LolCats

I’m seriously impressed! KVIA.com recently reported on a research project in which parents were offered weekly lunch-hour workshops during which they learned how to talk to their youth about sexuality. Adults received information and utilized role playing in order to increase their awareness, skills, and comfort in this area. Both comprehensive and abstinence-based approaches were included, allowing parents the opportunity to handle the topic as they see fit. What a fantastic idea! While I certainly use a comprehensive approach in this blog, I recognize the supreme importance of meeting folks where they are and offering them diverse resources to fit their own needs and ethics. Anywho, parents loved it and reported using the content with success. Yes, they even smiled about it. Companies found the idea peachy, as it helped promote a family-friendly work environment and offered the opportunity to increase productivity by helping parents deal with this troublesome topic at home. Parents also received training on techniques for listening to their kids without lecturing, and other general communication skills. I think I hear my post-graduation job calling me…

The study came out in the July 11 copy of the British Medical Journal, by the way.

Source Article – here


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Jul 152008
Mike Males, author of Scapegoat Generation, encourages us to cease using the term teen pregnancies

Mike Males, author of Scapegoat Generation, encourages us to cease using the term "teen pregnancies"

The LA Times published a sound, well-written and very thought-provoking opinion piece by Mike Males (of YouthFacts) on July 13th. In his letter, which is well worth reading for yourself, he makes several key points regarding myths that are commonly perpetuated by the media on the topic of “teen pregnancy.” To sum them up:

1) Remember that pregnancy pact thing in Gloucester, Mass.? It didn’t happen. That’s right, it wasn’t true at all. While the pregnancy rate when up a little from the year before, it wasn’t abnormally high overall. There was also no pact, no celebrations, no coordinated pregnancies. The principal who started the story refused to name sources and it fell flat under investigations. Hmm. My thoughts: even if a few kids high-fived each other, what would you expect them to do? “Gosh, Jane. You’re stupid.” No. Friends support each other, of course. And, it isn’t rare at all for some high schoolers to want babies, after all.

2) The very term “teen pregnancy” relies on sexist, old-fashioned ideas of careless teen boys hooking up with their young girlfriends. Oftentimes it is late teens with older men who are no longer teens at all. Should we not focus on these men, poverty, or other related issues? Why is it all about these young women?

3) And who says that these pregnancies are always bad? After all, some research (cited in the original article) clearly has found that women living in poverty did better if they became parents in their teens than if they waited. Their long-term incomes, tax payments, and so on were all improved. There is also a higher likelihood of intergenerational support from parents, it turns out.

4) Males wraps it up with a call for major sex ed and abstinence ed groups to stop ignoring large portions of the research that don’t meet their needs. He also calls to the public to be more careful about the pregnancy rumors they consume and repeat.

Good work, Mike Males. You’ve caught my attention and given me quite a bit to chew on.

Mike Male’s original opinion piece – here

Mike Male’s home page – here

Summary from National Partnership for Women & Families – here

YouthFacts.org, working to confront cultural myths about our kids – here

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