Oct 202011

Babeland.com is doing a wonderful October fundraiser called Pink October: Come for a Cause.  For each qualifying purchase, 10% will go to the Young Survival Coalition, which helps women under 40 with breast cancer.  One of the best ways to have fun while making a Come for a Cause purchase is by checking out the Power to the Pink kit.  This kit contains a delicious bottle of Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lube, a Babeland Buzz vibrator, and the ever-popular pink Mystic Wand.   Check out the reviews for all three products in these videos!

The Power to the Pink Kit is a fun way to support breast cancer survivors

Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lubricant is one of the most high-quality flavored lubes I’ve encountered.  It has a strong fruity lemonade scent, but only light to moderate flavor, so it isn’t overwhelming or sickly sweet.  It works quite well as a lube, especially considering it’s flavored (most flavored lubes tend to be stickier and less useful for actually lubricating).  It has a body-happy formula, a quality Sliquid products are known for.  And its pink lemonade flavor is unique and refreshingly different from the usual strawberry/cherry flavors of most flavored lubes.

The Babeland Buzz is a waterproof and easy-to-use bullet vibrator.  It has a simple one-button control, and provides strong buzzy vibrations.  It has all the convenience and fun of a good bullet vibe, plus it comes in a cute sparkly pink color!  Note: be careful to tap the batteries all the way down when putting them in, as I found it was easy to get them not-quite-all-the-way in by accident and think the toy was breaking (see video).

For the full scoop on the Mystic Wand, you can check out my review of it from last year.  In short, the Mystic Wand is a portable, battery-powered vibrator.  It has a variety of settings with powerful vibrations, and is nice and lightweight.  Plus, the button panel has a really bright blue light, so you can pretend you have some strange piece of alien technology between your thighs (if that’s your thing)!

Mar 012011

Being a lube snob, I understand how important it is to have a variety of options from which to choose the lube that’s right for you.  I’m also aware of how sensitive some people’s bodies can be to many of the ingredients common in sexual lubricants today.  That’s why I’m always glad when there’s more body-safe lubrication options put on the market. Blossom Organics’ Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is an all-natural water-based lube that is great for the average lube user and avoids using icky chemicals that are bad for your bits.

  • Toy: Natural Moisturizing Lubricant (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: All-natural organic lubricant, water-based, paraben-free, glycerin-free, artificial frangrance, dye, and flavoring-free
  • Manufacturer: Blossom Organics
  • Material: All-natural ingredients including aloe
  • Price: $14
  • SMT rating: N/A

Blossom Organics' Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is a body-safe, slightly sweet water-based lube

Blossom Organics’ Natural Moisturizing Lubricant comes in a 4 oz. squeeze bottle that is fairly easy to open with your fingers and, in a pinch, can be popped open on a table edge.  It’s water-based and, as you might guess from the name, made from all-natural ingredients.  That means it’s free of parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, hormones, and artificial perfumes and flavors.  It has aloe to help with moisturizing, and is stated to be pH-balanced specifically for the vaginal environment.

So, that’s all the stats about what it’s made from; just as important, of course, is how well it works.  Blossom Organics’ lube is totally clear and slightly viscous.  It’s got a little bit more thickness than some water-based lubes that are totally runny, but it doesn’t have the more hefty thickness of gel-form lubes.  There’s little if any smell, but the lube does have a lightly sweet taste to it (probably due to the natural stevia, which is an all-natural sugar substitute).  It’s got decent staying power, and is fine for the typical lube user.  As a water-based lube, it’s condom-safe.  It’s not thick or sustainable enough for more demanding forms of sex, such as fisting or rough anal sex, but it’s an excellent lube for more day-to-day lube usage.  Our testers here at EI didn’t report any troubles with the lube getting crumbly or tacky, but we’ve seen other reviews around the web that have had this problem.

Unless you want a totally flavor-free lube (in which case the lightly sweet taste of this one may not be your desire), Blossom Organics’ Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is a fine water-based lube that won’t put any nasty chemicals in your body or leave your delicate bits irritated.

Nov 232010

You all know that I am a lube snob, and that I advocate using a good, high-quality lube whenever things get hot and heavy.  But I admit that sometimes it’s not too convenient to carry around a bottle of your favorite slick stuff just in case the mood strikes!  Vacation travel can also be difficult, especially with airport security reducing the liquids people carry with them and airlines raising prices for checked luggage to make it more and more difficult to bring your sex supplies with you.  Luckily for all of us, Babeland is offering the Goodie Bag, a collection of high-quality, travel-ready lubes and condoms, for that spur-of-the-moment intimacy or vacation lovin’.  Plus, until the end of the year, $2 of every Goodie Bag purchase goes toward GLBT causes!

  • Toy:  Goodie Bag (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: 6 lube packets (3 different types), 2 sheer latex condoms
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Lubes are all glycerine-free and water-based, other ingredients vary
  • Price: $6.50

Perfect for intimacy on-the-go

Nothing makes the act of giving a gift to yourself feel even better than knowing that you’re doing something worthwhile for others at the same time.  That’s why I’m pleased that Babeland has been donating $2 from every purchase of a Babeland Goodie Bag to three GLBT causes (the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian & Gay Survivors of Abuse, and the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project), and will continue to make these donations for any Goodie Bag purchased before the end of the year.
Of course, there’s more to the Goodie Bag than social outreach; you’re also getting the perfect set of travel-sized lubes and a couple condoms!  So many people share with me their interest in spontaneous intimacy with themselves or their partners; sneaking some quick loving into everyday situations gives a titillating sense of taboo, and sharing it with a partner can make one feel seductive and irresistible.  The problem with such spontaneity is, of course, that you might not always have the supplies on-hand to facilitate your intimacy.  That’s what makes the little one-shot lube packets provided in the Goodie Bag so perfect!  Tuck a couple into your purse or briefcase with the sheer latex condoms that also come in the Goodie Bag, and you’ll be prepared when opportunity knocks for spur-of-the-moment intimacy.  Or you can put the lube packets into your carry-on for your holiday travel without needing to worry about exceeding TSA’s guidelines for liquids.
The Goodie Bag contains 6 lube packets (2 each of 3 different brands) and a pair of sheer latex lubricated condoms.  All three brands of lube–Entice, Babelube, and Babeland Naturals Naked Lube–are glycerine-free, water-safe, and high-quality.  I’ve previously reviewed Babelube and the Naked Lube (you can find those reviews here and here), and found them both to be delightful choices for intimacy enhancement.  This is my first time encountering Entice, but I was pleased with its slickness, which made it almost feel like a silicone/water hybrid (though it’s all water-based and so safe for use with silicone toys).  The condoms are Babeland-brand lubricated sheer latex condoms, and are high-quality and ready for use.
Overall, the Goodie Bag is an excellent purchase to prepare yourself for that perfect situation to get some loving on without premeditation, or to set yourself up to go home for the holidays without giving up all your lubes or moving them to tiny bottles.  In addition, these one-use lube packets also lend themselves well to safer sex play with multiple partners, since you won’t be using the same lube bottle with several people and so don’t have to worry about inadvertent contamination through something touching the bottle.  And again, until the end of 2010, $2 of every Goodie Bag purchased will go to worthwhile GLBT causes, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to the chance at spontaneous intimacy!

Jun 202010

Babeland’s aptly named BabeLube is a new, high-quality personal lubricant that avoids chemicals that may be bad for your body (such as glycerine and paraben) and is water-based to be condom and sex toy-safe.  Though it’s water-based, the BabeLube offers a nice, thick gel consistency that will last a long time and provides lots of slickness to your pleasure.

  • Toy:  BabeLube (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: lubricant, water-based, gel consistency
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Water-based
  • Price: $8
  • SMT rating: N/A

Babeland's new lube is healthy, thick, and condom-safe

BabeLube is a thick, slick water-based lube by Babeland. BabeLube is a high quality lube with no scent or taste that is perfect for a variety of uses. Since it is paraben and glycerin free, it is perfect for sensitive vulvar and G-spot use, masturbation and anal play. Specially formulated not to interact with any materials used in the making of male and female sex toys, it can also be comfortably used directly on all body parts.

To be high-quality, a personal lubricant needs to be: glycerin-free, to discourage yeast growth and infections;  paraben-free to avoid some unfortunate reactions to that preservative; very little taste, odor and sugar, which could also distract from the enjoyment of natural fragrances and support yeast growth.  Thankfully, BabeLube meets all these criteria!  BabeLube has a rich, thick consistency as well as being easily spreadable, for long lasting, desirable coverage, and is sold in amounts that will last many sensual sessions. This lubricant meets all the necessary standards to support the very finest intimate experiences.

Jan 292009

Coweta Co., GA Is Very Interested In Your Genitials

Coweta Co., GA Is Very Interested In Your Genitials

Folks – if you have a vibe, dildo, butt plug, cucumber, textured or tingling condom, bottle of lube, or anything else you like to rub on your bits, go get it RIGHT NOW!  Clutch it safely to your coochie or neener and stimulate yourself for all you’re worth.  When you feel that golden moment approaching, join me in dedicating your O (as many as you can) to the brave clits, penises, vaginas, anus-es (ani?) and taints of Coweta, CO who must now drive to a neighboring county to buy what you are holding in your busy little hands.  Yes, even if they are white, rich, heterosexual, married, WalMart shoppers and locked in a sound-proof room while using said items.

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Aug 272008

Crisco - Evolve Past It.

Crisco - Evolve Past It.

Today’s Teasers are dedicated to the theme of lube! Use it, Love it!

Buy yourself a delicious new bottle of lube, leave it on the bedside table where you know they’ll see it, and invite your sweety (or yourself!) upstairs to experiment with Wednesday’s Wet Teasers.

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