Aug 152011

  • Toy: Love Bunnies (sent by for review)
  • Type: Bullet vibe in rounded bunny-shaped silicone form. Bullet runs on 3 watch batteries and has 1 speed push button control.
  • Manufacturer: LoveBunnies
  • Material: Silicone Bunny with ABS plastic removable vibe. Come in vibrant purple, pink and black.
  • Price: $20
  • SMT rating: 0.  It’s a mild-to-moderate toy powered by a bullet vibe.  But remember it’s an outtie so it you won’t be inserting it.

When I first saw the Love Bunnies out of the UK I really, really hoped they would become available here in the US. Thankfully, has these adorable vibes for us in three happy (hoppy?) colors. Boasting an easily cleaned, firm silicone bunny with flickering ears and tail that is actually a removable bullet vibe, these are just too cute. I found that the bullet vibe on mine was much easier to remove than most sleeve & bullet type sex toys; however, my vibrating bullet was also quite loud and the button was a bit finicky. This toy will be a strong match for folks who like light to moderate vibrations but, as with all bullet vibe toys, those who want strong rumbles will be left appreciating its form more than its function. No matter what, though, you simply must see my Love Bunny’s adorable trick! If I turn the vibrator on, the bullet swirls itself right up her tail without any help from me. Seriously, you just have to see it.

May 162010

The Tango is a well-made, versatile toy with a really nice feel, offering easy use and comfort to individuals or couples.  Plus, the turbo button will be really handy for folks who like to warm up with a pulsation setting but need a strong, steady vibe to reach orgasm!

  • Toy:  Tango (sent by for review)
  • Type: 7-mode single-motor vibrator, innie/outie, flexible, battery powered (4 AAAs), water resistant
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Material: Silicone with a hard-plastic end cap and soft buttons
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: Powerful, but just short of the SMT-1 rating internally.  Clitoral stimulation is less powerful, but still ranks solidly at the moderate level.

FunFactory's Tango - sent for review by

When I opened my review box and found the beautiful Tango, I knew it was going to be a good month for reviews!  The lovely Tango vibe runs on 4 AAA batteries. Thanks to very pliable silicone, this “innie-outie” sex toy has a sensual, soft, velvety texture, covering a comfortably flexible surface. Vibrations start at the base,  which makes sense because the opening of the vagina is one of the most sensitive areas (aside from the clit),  and travel up the 5-inch insertable length of the thick toy body as well as through clit-stimulating branch at the case.

The design  has a smoother, less hooked end, not meant to particularly stimulate the G-spot, and offers a strong, throbbing, pulsating, really pleasant tactile sensation vaginally, with moderate stimulation to the clitoral area.  There are several settings and a special turbo charge button, taking you from a pulsation to an even stronger steady vibration when held down, which would enhance the climax of  an experience.

If you or your sweetie like the innie-outie shape of a traditional rabbit vibe, but aren’t fans for the oscillating shaft or rotating pearls, then this may be the perfect match for you.  The clit stimulator has a good reach, and offers a moderate level of stimulation… plus you can always flip it around to make the toy a vaginal/anal combo!  I’m a big fan of Fun Factory toys, and this one is no exception.

Jan 132010
  • Toy: The Crystal Chic Wand in pink (sent by Lustique)
  • Type: Dual vibe, bendable innie, outtie, g-spot or prostate toy
  • Manufacturer: CalExotics Novelties
  • Material: ABS plastic with velvet texture
  • Price: $34.99
  • SMT rating: 0 (strong vibes, but too thin to rank on SMT)

The Crystal Chic Wand by CalExotics came in my mail from the good folks at, crystals glistening in the sun, and proved itself to be a near-perfect toy!  With 2 solid vibes, easy 3 speed control, a bendable shaft, and loads of power this vibe is the perfect accomplice for hours of pleasure.  So what’s its secret weakness?  Keep reading to find out.

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Aug 102009

I do hope you enjoy my first video review, complete with catchy intro music!

  • FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    Toy: The FemBlossom

  • Type: premium battery powered vibrator, heating (rechargable)
  • Manufacturer: Emotional Bliss
  • Material:  hard plastic, with antibacterial silver ions in the plastic
  • Cost: $99.95
  • SMT rating: 1 – 3 (depending on settings), with accompanying heat

The Femblossom comes from Emotional Bliss, a wonderful company with a unique approach to designing toys that stand apart.  They produce especially great products for women just learning to explore their own bodies with toys or who have not been satisfied with other products on the market.  The FemBlossom is no exception, and proves to be a fantastic outty vibe!

My Femblossom was sent to me for review and arrived well packaged, including an AC adapter, two small bottles of lubricant (water and silicone based), and a wonderful instruction manual.  The manual goes over the functions of the toy, including all 9 settings at 3 different levels of power annnnd it also heats!  I should mention that it is made with a silver ion technology in the plastic that gives it anti-bacterial properties when wiped down with water.

The Femblossom is designed as an outty toy, for use on the vulva including the clitoris, but not for insertion.  As you can see from the video, it’s curved to match the body and lay at the outside of the vulva, or directly stimulate the clit by pressing the curved section against the vulva or using the tip of the vibe.  It has subtle texture, not enough to overwhelm but enough to notice.  As you turn up the vibrations, you also turn up the heat.  The power button is located within easy finger’s reach, and you can scroll through the 9 settings using the + and – buttons.  It gets very powerful and very warm, but can also have a mild thrum with lower heat for those who prefer a softer touch, or who like to warm up gently.

Like its inny-outty sister, the Womolia, this is an excellent premium toy with dynamic uses.  Most toys with a powerful motor are good for getting off but not warming up, this one has a range that goes from sweetly seductive to very intense.  The heat function can be both relaxing and stimulating, and proves to be highly enjoyable.

For those who prefer an outty-only vibrator that does not look anything like a phallus, this is a phenominal choice!  It’s easy to use with partners, and to accompany penetration, solo or partnered. The buttons are easy to press and do not require a great deal of finger strength or dexterity and the toy is light and easy to hold. The battery even holds a charge for a long time!  Like the Womolia, I can’t find anything wrong with this toy, and am very happy to give it my whole hearted recommendation as a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced toy lovers!

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Jul 062009

Sensual Art - the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

Sensual Art - the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

  • Toy: Cecile
  • Type: premium battery powered vibrator (2 AAAs)
  • Manufacturer: Lovemoiselle
  • Material:  Ceramic
  • Cost: approx $100
  • SMT rating: 1 (on high), vibrations are not terribly strong but they carry very well due to the ceramic body

Cecile is a delightful, artistic vibrator designed to please its owner’s senses of touch and sight with its smooth, undulating body and light-to-moderate vibrations.  Those who love sensation play will adore this vibe, as will those seeking a lightweight, very firm toy with far more style than her hard plastic sisters.  The unique sensation of the ceramic is extremely smooth and offers added depth to the transmission of the vibrations.  With its single, well-placed button, control is easy.  This toy is best suited to those who enjoy a perfectly texture-free surface, light to moderate vibrations, a firm phallus, and one that widens gradually toward the base.  And, of course, for those who are ready to be visually seduced.

Continue reading for all of the details of the Cecile’s playtest.

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Jun 152009


A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

Toy: We-Vibe

Type: rechargeable, innie & outtie, vibrator (also includes case and charger)

Material: Silicone (medical grade)

Cost: about $130

Power: moderate, but with an SMT of 0.

Back during the last time I was single there was a period of several months when I declared a refillable travel mug to be my new partner.  His name was George, but I lovingly called him Mug-mug.  Mug-mug would give me cheap refills of hot coco from a local gourmet chocolate shop, thus providing warm and sensual comfort on demand while asking very little of me in return.  My ex even confessed that he was a little jealous of Mug-mug, adding to its attractiveness.  All he needed was a gentle hand washing and about $1 per refill, which is a remarkably good deal for constant, soothing companionship.  Mug-mug was a fantastic rebound partner and when I started to tire of him he graciously got lost, as a good rebound should.

If only the We-Vibe had been around I could have saved myself many trips to the chocolate shop and serveral thousand callories.  Actually, I would have probably tried to get the three of us together, but that’s completely besides the point!  I’m writing to review the We-Vibe, the perfect companion for female lovers of: books, blogging, porn, strapping it on, cowgirl sex, bondage bunnies, and lazily blissful erotic stimulation.  That should cover nearly everyone (with a vagina) that reads my stuff!  Keep reading for the review, and my list of 10 sexy ideas for your We-Vibe.

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