Jan 052011

Celebrate A Sexy 2011 with Dr. Ruthie!

Start your 2011 off in sassy style by joining me for a workshop or calling into a monthly healing circle!  This year I’ll be offering an exciting monthly workshop at The Mautner Project, in addition to workshops at Lotus Blooms in DC, and during my travels all over the country.  I’m also thrilled to begin offering a free monthly call-in healing circle with a different focus each call.  To top it all off, two incredible tele-groups are forming now and I’m offering some nifty deals on registration to ring in the new year.  Keep on reading to get the scoop!

Upcoming Workshops & Tele-Groups with Dr. Ruthie

January & February 2011
All times are Eastern.

SOLD OUT! Thank you! 1/20 at 6pm – Hit The Spot: G-Spot and Prostate Pleasure *FREE*
Lotus Blooms – Alexandria, VA
RSVP suggested, as spots fill early.
The G Spot is real and Dr. Ruthie is coming to Lotus Blooms to help you enjoy it by yourself and with your partners!  The G Spot is one of four genital pleasure spots for women, and gentlemen have their own prostate (or P Spot) to enjoy.  You’ll learn about all of these areas for him and her, so bring your friends and leave with lots of inspiration! Join us for the workshop at 6:00 pm sharp.  This event is designed for all genders, sexualities, relationships and singles. Tickets are free but Reservations are required. Call (703) 535-8225 or visit Lotus Blooms to reserve your seat before the workshop fills!

1/27 at Noon – Healing Circle in Celebration of Our Genders and Sexualities *FREE*
Tele-Group – Join by phone at 1-218-862-7200 x 900944
This circle will be recorded so that you may listen at a later time, too.
There is no fee to attend circles live or by recording; however, I ask that you consider donating $15 to Scarleteen.com in place of admission to this event.
No RSVP needed to join live.  Email Dr. Ruthie to receive the direct link to the recording.

2/17 at 7pm – Relaxation and Pampering for Your Sensual Self
The Mautner Project – Washington, DC
RSVP required
Call your friends and make plans to join Dr.Ruthie for an evening of relaxation and pampering for everyone.  Get back in touch with yourself through gentle massage and pampering techniques designed to increase comfort and relaxation. Dr. Ruthie shows you how to bring a new level of loving body language to your relationship with your sensual self! $15

2/18 – 2/20 – Dark Odyssey Winter Fire
I’ll be presenting 3 classes and an event at Winter Fire 2011 in Washington, DC!  Topics include: oral sex for him, sex toys for guys, fantasies for the shy, and a live healing circle event.  If you’ve seen me present these topics elsewhere, I can assure you that you’ve never seen me present them like this!  Register for this amazing event at http://www.DarkOdyssey.com soon, as it always sells out early.
Registration for Winter Fire is required, but no RSVP is needed for the classes once you are registered.

2/24 – Healing Circle in Celebration of Surviving Sexual Violence *FREE*
Tele-Group – Join by phone at 1-218-862-7200 x900944
This circle will be recorded so that you may listen at a later time, too.
There is no fee to attend circles live or by recording; however, I ask that you consider donating $15 to Scarleteen.com in place of admission to this event.
No RSVP needed to join live.  Email Dr. Ruthie to receive the direct link to the recording.

*SPECIAL OFFERS On Tele-Group Registrations*

Sex-Positive Professionals’ Tele-Group
This February I will be launching my professional mentorship group for current and aspiring sex-positive professionals.  Members will be invited to join monthly group mentorship calls, receive individual progress-boosting calls with Dr. Ruthie, and can participate in our private online community.  This is a rolling group, meaning that members may join at any time, provided the group is not full. However, to help us get a strong start, I’m currently offering $25 off the first 4 months for those who register in time for February’s monthly group call!  Read more about the group, then give me a call to learn how you can join.

Certified Orgasmic Tele-Group
The Certified Orgasmic group is a special women-only community dedicated to finding your orgasms and enjoying them with ease and pleasure, both by yourself and with partners.  This group meets twice monthly and also includes monthly private calls with Dr. Ruthie to focus on your personal progress points.  This is a closed four-month program, meaning that each group is small and new members are not admitted once a group begins.  Group calls are held over the lunch hour and are also recorded so members may listen and participate at any time.  The next group is scheduled to begin in April, but those who register and pay in full by 2/28 will receive two free private sessions to thank you for your early registration.  Contact me directly to learn more about this group and inquire about registration.

Mar 082010
Black Lace Lips by Nina C.

Black Lace Lips by Nina C.

There I stood at the front of the room with a playful feather-tipped whip in my grasp, the short rubber tails resting in the palm of my other.  I smiled down at one of my favorite workshop attendees, gave her wink, and then slowly narrowed my eyes as the rubber tails began to slap against my open hand in a slow rhythm.

“I hear you were naughty, very naughty.  I can’t allow you to be naughty like that without paying the price.  Are you ready to tell me what you did?”

The room is quietly transfixed, watching my quick transformation from bubbly and educational into an example of a confident and assertive partner with the promise of exotic pleasures shining in my eyes.  Not just any pleasures, mind you, but the kind of sexy fun that gives permission to be naughtier than my fictional accusations with no regrets and no risk.  After all, an invitation like that tells a lover that she or he has permission to let down their guard, join my fantasy and make it real.

“Oh, yes!”  came her eager response in a stage whisper, triggering a wave of laughter through our group.

That night I was discussing the value of props during dirty talk, but I had clearly found a topic of interest with my participants that night (and not just my target).   The questions came fast and furious after the workshop:

  • How do I get my partner to do something new?
  • Where does that confidence come from, and how do I tap in without feeling silly?
  • I’ve always wanted to try something special but he won’t initiate.  How can I suggest it without it falling flat?
  • We’re both the passive type.  Is there a way to invite my partner to be more assertive with me, without them feeling nervous about mistreating me?
  • And my favorite: Can you teach me how to stand up and look smooth saying something like that?
Let me tell you, every person of every gender has an inner vixen ready to be invited into their bedroom.  Whether you’re shy, passive, inexperienced, or simply unpracticed in making this kind of leap with a partner, I promise it is there.  How do I know?  Helping clients to tap into this facet of themselves is just one of the many wonderful parts of my job!  Sometimes it comes easily, just waiting to be unleashed.  Other times it’s a delightful process of discovery and intimate growth between partners.  Not only can a bit of sensual dominance add incredible excitement to a relationship, it can also be a deeply intimate route to improved communication, playfulness and an opportunity to grow together as a relationship.

How to start?  Begin by looking for your voice by hunting through quality erotic stories of sensual dominance.  You need not be the dirtiest sailor in town, nor do you need to be the dominant partner in your relationship.  That’s right, you can initiate just far enough to give your partner the inspiration and direction to take charge for the rest of your interlude.  Regardless of whether you’re a smoldering dominatrix or a shy librarian on a mission, once you’ve found a natural persona you can work with you’ll be ready to tap into the other elements of your fantasy including your plot, props, pleasure points, poise and sensual words.

Ready to learn more?  You’re in luck!

Join me for a live workshop this weekend at the lovely Lotus Blooms in Alexandria, details below.  Not in the DC area this weekend?  You can also check out my series of workshops on Fantasies for the Shy at the wonderful KinkAcademy .

When you’re ready to take Irresistible Seduction to new heights, drop me a line to schedule your one-on-one session with me.  My clients come from all over the world, thanks to the magic of Skype, as well as from the DC area!

Irresistible Seduction: From Fantasy to Bedroom

  • Sat, March 13, 8:00pm – 9:30pm
  • Lotus Blooms at 1017 King Street, Alexandria, VA. (703) 535-8225 (map)
  • You requested this topic at our January workshop, Fantasies for the Shy, and here it is! Ready to heat things up this March? Enter a new level of seduction as you entice your lover with an irresistible touch of sensual dominance, even if you’ve never dared to before. Bring voice, poise, and titillation into alignment as Dr. Ruthie guides you in exactly how to bring this fantasy from your imagination to your bedroom. Arrive early to shop with Dr.Ruthie at 7pm, then join us for the workshop at 8pm sharp. This event is open to all genders, sexualities, relationships and singles. Reservations are suggested to ensure your seat, cost is $20. Call (703) 535-8225 for info and tickets.

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Dec 082009

Don't Miss This Sassy Workshop - Saturday Evening at Lotus Blooms!

Tantalizing Toys

  • Shop with Dr. Ruthie from 7pm, Workshop 8:00-9:30pm
  • December 12, 2009
  • Cost: $20
  • Location: Lotus Blooms
  • Address: 1017 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

With so many luscious, healthy toys and lubes available, now is the perfect time to add these pleasures to your romantic repertoire!  Dr.Ruthie is coming to Lotus Blooms for this workshop to answer your questions on enjoying your sensuality with these items, solo and with your partners.  This workshop will include conversation on different types of toys and how to get the most from them, picking the perfect lubricant for your body, and how to communicate with your partner about your desires to explore together!  You’ll even get to meet Layla, a real vibrator from the early 1900s.  Arrive early to shop with Dr.Ruthie at 7pm, then join us for the workshop at 8:00pm sharp. All couples, individuals and friends are welcome. Reservations are suggested to ensure your seat. Call (703) 535-8225 for info and tickets.

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Nov 022009

Midori is a true goddess of sensuality and kink.  You’ve read her books, seen her amazing bondage and fetish fashion photos – so come join me in at her workshops this week in Washington, DC through WholeDC!  And this isn’t a giant group event – this is a chance to interact with Midori personally while learning to seduce your lovers with your voice, or with sexy silk scarf bondage.  You better believe that I’ll be there both nights – drop me a line so I can say hello to you, too!

Aural Sex: Midori Teaches Seduction by Voice

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Whole DC is thrilled to present Midori! Come to her compelling Aural Sex workshop at the new Dulce Cafe and Lounge on Capital Hill (Eastern Market or Potomac Ave Metro).

The brain is the biggest sex organ and the voice can be the most powerful tool to create the hottest scenes. Midori will show you how to use the hypnotic magic of the voice to seduce your lover long before you enter the bedroom or the playspace.

Wrapped for Pleasure: Midori Teaches Easy Bondage for Steamy Sex

Thursday, November 5, 2009
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Want to bring sizzling, sexy, fun, and easy erotic bondage to your bedroom? Don’t want to bother with expensive gear or complicated ropes? Let’s combine sex with super easy bondage with stealthy scarves!

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Aug 152008

Thank You! (and yes, they're vibes)

Thank You! (and yes, they're vibes)

As you probably noticed, The Explorer’s Blog is rocking a new look, including a new title graphic.

We’re now Exploring Intimacy, and you can reach us more easily by typing:


That used to be the address for my sex workshop & consulting professional site; however, the blog has been growing in popularity so quickly that it was time to put the focus over here. Yes, I still offer workshops, and this fall’s schedule is looking great. If you’re in Atlanta I’d love to meet you there!

I hope you like the changes, and that it is now easier for you navigate the site. All of the old links are still on the right side of the screen, with blog-specific links on the left. I may also be adding sponsorships over the upcoming months, to help compensate for the hours I spend blogging away each day. Fear not, I will only invite or accept sponsorship placements from companies that fit my strict standards of positive sexual health and well-being. Links on the right, as always, are my favorites and are not paid placements.

Thanks for reading Exploring Intimacy and for spreading the word to your friends! All of your comments and emails are wonderful to read; it just wouldn’t be fun blogging without you.


Jul 292008
Aphrodites Toy Box lights up the night

Aphrodite's Toy Box lights up the night

Aphrodite’s Toy Box of Atlanta

Location: 3040 N. Decatur Rd., Scottdale, GA 30079

Phone: (404) 292-9700

Aphrodite’s Toy Box offers Atlanta a well-deserved opportunity for adult boutique shopping, with a range of high quality sex toys, lubes, fetish gear, hot shoes, books, lingerie (sizes 3-6x) and even workshops! Yes, that’s right, this is the store that hosts my monthly intimacy workshops and also offers classes on pole dancing and other sexy pursuits. Walk in any time during business hours and you’re likely to meet one of the two amazing women responsible for the creation and success of this store. They’ll be more than happy to help advise you and can offer a wealth of information about both their products and the Atlanta area. Don’t be shy, I can pretty much promise you that they’ve heard questions and stories similar to yours many times.

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