Oct 302009

Good Vibes - Fantastic Sex Shopping in San Francisco

Good Vibes is the first adult store from which I ever made an online purchase – way back during my time in New York. It changed my life, because the atmosphere of their website encouraged me to learn about what I was buying, as well as myself, without shame.

When I finally found myself in San Francisco I knew I must make the pilgrimage in person and I was not disappointed. What a fantastic store! I know good vibes was recently acquired by a larger company, but rest assured that the independent, feminist, service-oriented spirit is very much alive.

I walked into this store and was immediately greeted by their inspiring and entertaining selection of antique vibrators. As a proud owner of an early 1900s vibe myself, I was thrilled to see her sisters on display here. As one might expect, this excellent store sells a variety of toys for all genders and sexualities, as well as some uniquely tasty BDSM gear and plenty of books, condoms and lubes. Toys are usually on display, so you can check them out, and the lay out of the store is comfortable and easy to navigate.

Let me take a moment to compliment the staff, who are all far more trained and approachable than those are your typical (smuttier) store. As a professional sex educator, my questions tend to be picky and unusual. I was thrilled that staff were able to advise me on their items without hesitation, in spite of my detail-oriented needs. I left feeling well educated about the products that I was interested in, and confident that I could call later, if needed.

I should also mention that they have an art gallery space in the back are easily accessible by bus.

View all of my sex store reviews here on ExploringIntimacy.com.

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Jun 122009


April Flores from a past cover of Bizarre

April Flores from the July '08 cover of Bizarre

Last week I spent some time pondering blow job wisdom shared by a group of same-sex attracted men.  In the end, I was left wondering how oral sex might be different if women that aimed to please their men opted to switch to giving blow jobs designed to please their own erotic desires.  This week, I’ve been thinking about confidence and greedy, lustful inhibition as it pertains to fat chicks’ sexuality.

Like quite a few other people in this world, I’ve been thinking about April Flores lately…

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May 272009


Found via The Alexa Collection photographer unknown.

Pleasurists is your round-up of the adult product reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #28? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #30? Submit it here before Sunday May 25th at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

Want to win some free swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Madame Editrix

Scarlet Lotus St.Syr

On to the reviews…

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Aug 182008
Aphordites Toy Box Knows All About Tempting Toys

Aphordite's Toy Box Knows All About Tempting Toys

If you’ve stopped to blink, it’s quite possible that you’ve missed some of the sassiest and most creative sex toys ever to grace the erotic shopping scene! From illuminated glass dildos to specially-shaped prostate massagers to the wonders of premium silicone & metal vibes, there is no doubt that the landscapes of sexuality boutiques and their wares are changing in delicious ways.

Yesterday I wrote about my interview with Sexshop365’s Gary Waudby, and the evolution of online sex toy shopping. While net-based vendors offer a wonderful world of browsing and decadence, there is certainly something to be said for visiting your local sex boutique (if you are fortunate enough to have one) to browse, chat with the staff, and even participate in educational and social events! If you happen to be in the Atlanta area on September 5th, then I would like to invite you drop by Aphrodite’s Toy Box where Ruth (that’s me!) of Exploring Intimacy will be offering her Tempting Toys intimacy workshop from 7:30-9:00pm. Tickets are available now, so drop by Aphrodite’s or call them at (404) 292-9700. Until there, here is a bit about what we’ll be exploring together on Sept. 5!

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Aug 172008

“…I think the transition to more of a sexual health approach, in my view, brings the industry further into general public acceptance. Taking the health approach is a good way to allow the industry to become more acceptable and a move to becoming more widely seen in the high street or shopping mall.” Gary Waudby

Delightful Pretties at Sexshop365.co.uk

Delightful Pretties at Sexshop365.co.uk

I adore shopping for sexy new things, be they designed for solo play or intended to be shared. Garments draw the eye and seduce the skin, tasty powders and liquids entice the tongue, slippery lubricants invite fingers to explore, and naughty toys promise exciting new forms of stimulation during moments of intensely intimate discovery. Before my new prize is first tried out, even before the packing is ripped open and left to wait on the floor, there is the joy of the hunt, fueled by an eager anticipation of the erotic feast to come.

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Aug 072008

Freddy, of Freddy & Eddy, published a phenomenal opinion piece in the most recent AVN newsletter. Below is my response in support of his article.

Sexy Shopping at Fredy And Eddy in LA

Sexy Shopping at Freddy & Eddy in LA

While attending a national conference in Long Beach last fall, I snuck off to explore. Really, that’s the best part of attending academic and professional conferences, in addition to meeting some great people. Not only do I have an excuse to visit a new city, but I get the taboo fun of planning my escape when the presentations get too boring. I never rent a car, preferring to stash my badge and complimentary totebag in the room and hop the local transit. With decent luck, I’m able to find my way back from my adventures before the buses and trains call it a night. I look forward to it so much that I step off the plane with preplanned points of interest to hit during my one fabulous afternoon of freedom: the international drag king event in Austin, Charlie Brown’s in Atlanta, drinks above the skyline in Kansas City, and sexy shopping at Freddy & Eddy in LA.

Freddy & Eddy is my dream sexuality boutique, and a perfect example of what a smut shop is not.

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