Oct 202011

Babeland.com is doing a wonderful October fundraiser called Pink October: Come for a Cause.  For each qualifying purchase, 10% will go to the Young Survival Coalition, which helps women under 40 with breast cancer.  One of the best ways to have fun while making a Come for a Cause purchase is by checking out the Power to the Pink kit.  This kit contains a delicious bottle of Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lube, a Babeland Buzz vibrator, and the ever-popular pink Mystic Wand.   Check out the reviews for all three products in these videos!

The Power to the Pink Kit is a fun way to support breast cancer survivors

Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lubricant is one of the most high-quality flavored lubes I’ve encountered.  It has a strong fruity lemonade scent, but only light to moderate flavor, so it isn’t overwhelming or sickly sweet.  It works quite well as a lube, especially considering it’s flavored (most flavored lubes tend to be stickier and less useful for actually lubricating).  It has a body-happy formula, a quality Sliquid products are known for.  And its pink lemonade flavor is unique and refreshingly different from the usual strawberry/cherry flavors of most flavored lubes.

The Babeland Buzz is a waterproof and easy-to-use bullet vibrator.  It has a simple one-button control, and provides strong buzzy vibrations.  It has all the convenience and fun of a good bullet vibe, plus it comes in a cute sparkly pink color!  Note: be careful to tap the batteries all the way down when putting them in, as I found it was easy to get them not-quite-all-the-way in by accident and think the toy was breaking (see video).

For the full scoop on the Mystic Wand, you can check out my review of it from last year.  In short, the Mystic Wand is a portable, battery-powered vibrator.  It has a variety of settings with powerful vibrations, and is nice and lightweight.  Plus, the button panel has a really bright blue light, so you can pretend you have some strange piece of alien technology between your thighs (if that’s your thing)!

Mar 212011

Fun Factory has always had a unique and light-hearted design ethic that I really like.  Maybe it’s our shared German heritage, but the smooth, round lines and bright colors are a reminder that sex toys are meant to be fun.  Recently, they’ve been moving toward waterproof, rechargeable vibes of a more premium quality.  Although I miss their old mid-range items, I have to say that it’s really nice having waterproof rechargeable products from them with the same thumpy, hearty vibration as always.  The Yooo, by Fun Factory, is definitely unique in a surprisingly functional way.  I’ve been calling mine “Bubbles,” but that doesn’t really do it justice.  Anyway, check out the video and see for yourself what makes this one special.

  • Toy: Yooo (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable vibrator, outtie, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone and plastic
  • Price: $119
  • SMT rating: N/A (Would be an SMT 1 if it were an innie; multiple levels of vibrations and throbby pulsation modes.  Has 2 vibrators inside, making it even stronger)

The Fun Factory Yooo's cute, unique shape make it an excellent outtie vibe for women and men

The Yooo is a pleasantly shaped outtie vibrator made of three bubbly spheres.  It’s about 4.75″ long and 2.5″ wide, and is made from silicone and ABS plastic.  Like most Fun Factory toys, it’s rechargeable, and its charger uses magnets to attach to the toy.  Since this means there isn’t any sort of hole for a cord to go in, the Yooo is entirely waterproof.  It has two motors inside, and has strong, thumpy vibrations, particularly on its higher pulsation settings.  Besides the usual “Plus” and “Minus” buttons to control the speed and setting, the Yooo also has a “Turbo” button that, when pressed, sends the toy into a high, strong vibration for when you need that extra little kick to push you over the edge.  The button area is backlit and seems to light up even when merely jostled (instead of only when a button is pressed), which is cute and makes it easy to find the buttons even in the dark.  The Yooo is an outtie-only vibrator, meant to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal opening, labia, or even the penis and scrotum in your life.   It shouldn’t be used as an innie vibrator, but it’s excellent for what it’s meant to do!

Since it’s Fun Factory, it goes without saying that the Yooo is high-quality and has captured my heart.  It’s cute and non-intimidating and comes in a variety of adorable colors.  The bulbous shape makes it easy to grip, even for those with poor hand strength.  Its shape lends itself equally well to stimulating a clitoris as stroking up and down a penis.  It has lots of strong levels of vibration, and all the pulsation settings are pleasantly strong.  The Turbo button is an excellent additional touch that other toy manufacturers could learn from.

I have very few complaints about the Yooo.  Foremost would be that the buttons are all small and a bit hard to press, especially the Minus button.  For those who are visually disabled, if you can’t see the magnetic charging attachment light up when correctly aligned with the toy, it may be difficult to tell when the toy is charging correctly and when it is fully charged.  Finally, it’s disappointing that the Yooo isn’t being marketed toward men as well as women, because it makes a perfectly enjoyable boy toy!

Overall, the Yooo is yet another well-made, interesting and original toy from Fun Factory that is high-quality and enjoyable.

Aug 272010
I imagine that if I had a fairy godmother, she would show up with a vibrating kind of magic wand.  She wouldn’t get very far if it had an electrical cord on it.  So my fairy postal delivery person brought me this cordless wand-style vibrator from Babeland.com to review, just for you!  I keep wondering if the delivery people ever talk to each other about how I get so many sex toys, and, if so, are they jealous?  Anyway, on to more important things!

Rechargeable Magic Wand is a Little Quieter than the Hitachi and Almost as Strong

The Rechargeable Magic Wand is, as you might guess from the name, a cordless, rechargeable wand-style vibrator similar to the famed Hitachi Magic Wand. For a full compare-and-contrast session between this toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Mystic Wand, check out my recent video all about their differences.
The Rechargeable Magic Wand has a sturdy plastic body and a squishy silicone head.  The “head” portion of the wand can be removed for easy washing between uses.  It can be used as an outie vibrator, body massager, or–with the correct attachments–an innie or innie/outie combo vibrator.
Despite being a cordless, rechargeable vibrator, the Rechargeable Magic Wand is quite strong; make sure to use lots of (water-based) lube to keep its stimulation from being too intense!  It’s fairly quiet for its power, and can run for quite awhile on a full charge.  It also holds its charge well; our testers said that it still worked after a week or more away from its charger.  The one negative to this wand is that it can’t be charged indefinitely.  After reaching a full charge, it needs to be unplugged, or else the over-charging will damage the battery’s lifespan.  This makes the Rechargeable Magic Wand slightly less convenient than toys that can be left in charging cradles, but since it manages to hold its charge well after being unplugged, it isn’t a big problem.
For more information on how to use this toy (or any wand-style vibrator), check out the video above, and then the wand comparison video to figure out which one (or more than one!) matches your tastes best!

Aug 152010

Looks may not be everything, but when it comes to toys for intimate play, beauty is useful in enhancing the seductive mood.  Lelo’s Elise captures both form and function by not only being delicious to look at and touch, but also pairing easy-to-use controls with versatile uses and a quiet but strong pair of motors.

  • Toy:  Elise (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable vibrator, innie, splashproof
  • Manufacturer: Lelo
  • Material: Hard plastic covered by silicone
  • Price: $169
  • SMT rating: 1

The Elise is not only beautiful, but excellent for G-spot play

The Elise is not only an incredibly functional, deliciously useful vibrator, it is simply gorgeous!  Lelo knows how to make excellent, premium intimacy products, and this toy is certainly no exception.

Lelo’s Elise is a hard plastic vibrator that is coated in silicone, which gives is a soft-feeling finish despite its firm interior.  It is rechargeable, and runs for about 90 minutes on a full charge.  It is fairly large, both in terms of length (about 8.5″) and width (about 1.5″ at its widest point).  It has a deliciously curved shape that makes its “height” somewhat larger than its widest width, and has a well-placed, wide “bloop” shape near the tip that makes it perfect for G-spot play.  Of course, since the G-spot is not that deep inside the body, those wishing to stimulate this area shouldn’t insert the full length of the Elise, but the toy’s length gives you some options for how you want to play.

The Elise has two vibrators–one near the chrome base, and one at the tip, that are both controlled by the well-made control pad near the bottom.  The controls have arrows in up/down and left/right, allowing you to control speed and pattern separately; it also lets you press the center to “lock” your settings, meaning you won’t accidentally change the speed at a critical moment.  As an additional plus, the Elise is very quiet, making it useful for when you need to be more discreet about your play.  Finally, since it has a vibrator in its tip, you can also use the Elise as a clitoral stimulator.  I love a toy that gives me options!  Of course, the Lelo can’t be used anally (since it doesn’t have a flared base), but otherwise, it’s a versatile toy that is beautiful and functional.

Aug 012010

Fun Factory continues to offer fun, high-quality toys that are perfect for beginners, but strong and appealing enough for all sorts.  The rabbit-style Flash Vibe is an innie/outtie combination silicone toy that is on the smaller side, making it an excellent choice for a travel vibrator or a first toy.  Despite its size, it has a decent vibration strength, and its dual nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used alone or with a partner.

  • Toy:  Flash Vibe (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable, innie/outtie, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $79
  • SMT rating: 1

Fun Factory's Flash Vibe can fulfill your needs, inside and out

The Fun Factory Flash Vibe is a sleek, attractive innie/outtie combination vibrator that not only would be a great toy for vibrator beginners, but also for experienced vibrator connoisseurs looking for a nice portable toy.  Since it’s by Fun Factory, the Flash is made with high-quality silicone, and is pleasing to the eye and touch, in a nice friendly color and shape that keep it from being intimidating.  It recharges uses an easy-to-attach “click” plug that magnetically attaches itself to the toy, and the Flash signals when it is done charging with a blinking light.

The Flash has a nice, rumbly vibration that should be pleasing without being overwhelming.  Due to its smaller size, the Flash Vibe is a good toy for use with partners, and a good on-the-go portable toy to pack on vacations or business trips.  Its dual innie/outtie nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used vaginally, anally, or clitorally, or some combinations of the three.  The click-to-charge magnets not only make it a good waterproof toy for underwater use, they also make it easier for those without fine motor control to attach the recharging plug.

The “reach” of the clitoral branch of the toy may be a bit short, which could be good or bad, depending on one’s preferences and genital structure.  The toy may be too petite for those with tastes for big toys, but beginners or people on the go might find this to be a positive instead.

Overall, the Flash Vibe is a great rabbit-style innie/outtie vibe, whose smaller size but decent strength make it a good buy for beginners and experienced toy users alike.

Jun 062010

While its name may be a bit late for the season, the Spring Vibe is a great toy for any time of year!  This petite rechargeable vibe not only packs a lot of power in its tiny package, it also uses a clever, magnetically-attaching cord for recharging, making it fully waterproof!

  • Toy:  Spring Vibe (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: rechargeable, waterproof, magnetically attached charging cord
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $74
  • SMT rating: 1, more power than one would expect from a rechargeable toy, especially of this size

Let’s look at Spring Vibe from Fun Factory for Babeland.com. This vibrantly dark pink  toy has a lovely velvety silicone covering.  It’s an easy to use, petite, rechargeable vibrator that is completely waterproof; allowing you to take into the bath or hot tub for a safe, delightful, intimacy-enhancing experience. Between uses, this easy to clean vaginal vibrator plugs into a  recharger with fool-proof magnetic attachment and charging light indicator, letting you know when it ready for immediate use.

The Spring Vibe is a very satisfying answer to those desiring a petite toy that provides a significantly powerful buzz and does not have to be plugged in. The easy to find control buttons are embedded near the base of  the soft covering, which has stimulating textured flowers at the tip.  The vibe’s adjustable power levels even include a very low level for those who like a cool down afterwards, in addition to several classic throbbing pulsating patterns.

As when using any silicone toy, you should treat yourself well and use a top quality, water-based lubricant.. And let me tell you, this very quiet sex toy has a lot of power, especially for its size! The vigorous rumble on the vibrations are very strong and will surprise you with the intensity levels at the higher settings.