Oct 202011

Babeland.com is doing a wonderful October fundraiser called Pink October: Come for a Cause.  For each qualifying purchase, 10% will go to the Young Survival Coalition, which helps women under 40 with breast cancer.  One of the best ways to have fun while making a Come for a Cause purchase is by checking out the Power to the Pink kit.  This kit contains a delicious bottle of Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lube, a Babeland Buzz vibrator, and the ever-popular pink Mystic Wand.   Check out the reviews for all three products in these videos!

The Power to the Pink Kit is a fun way to support breast cancer survivors

Sliquid Pink Lemonade flavored lubricant is one of the most high-quality flavored lubes I’ve encountered.  It has a strong fruity lemonade scent, but only light to moderate flavor, so it isn’t overwhelming or sickly sweet.  It works quite well as a lube, especially considering it’s flavored (most flavored lubes tend to be stickier and less useful for actually lubricating).  It has a body-happy formula, a quality Sliquid products are known for.  And its pink lemonade flavor is unique and refreshingly different from the usual strawberry/cherry flavors of most flavored lubes.

The Babeland Buzz is a waterproof and easy-to-use bullet vibrator.  It has a simple one-button control, and provides strong buzzy vibrations.  It has all the convenience and fun of a good bullet vibe, plus it comes in a cute sparkly pink color!  Note: be careful to tap the batteries all the way down when putting them in, as I found it was easy to get them not-quite-all-the-way in by accident and think the toy was breaking (see video).

For the full scoop on the Mystic Wand, you can check out my review of it from last year.  In short, the Mystic Wand is a portable, battery-powered vibrator.  It has a variety of settings with powerful vibrations, and is nice and lightweight.  Plus, the button panel has a really bright blue light, so you can pretend you have some strange piece of alien technology between your thighs (if that’s your thing)!

Aug 272010
I imagine that if I had a fairy godmother, she would show up with a vibrating kind of magic wand.  She wouldn’t get very far if it had an electrical cord on it.  So my fairy postal delivery person brought me this cordless wand-style vibrator from Babeland.com to review, just for you!  I keep wondering if the delivery people ever talk to each other about how I get so many sex toys, and, if so, are they jealous?  Anyway, on to more important things!

Rechargeable Magic Wand is a Little Quieter than the Hitachi and Almost as Strong

The Rechargeable Magic Wand is, as you might guess from the name, a cordless, rechargeable wand-style vibrator similar to the famed Hitachi Magic Wand. For a full compare-and-contrast session between this toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Mystic Wand, check out my recent video all about their differences.
The Rechargeable Magic Wand has a sturdy plastic body and a squishy silicone head.  The “head” portion of the wand can be removed for easy washing between uses.  It can be used as an outie vibrator, body massager, or–with the correct attachments–an innie or innie/outie combo vibrator.
Despite being a cordless, rechargeable vibrator, the Rechargeable Magic Wand is quite strong; make sure to use lots of (water-based) lube to keep its stimulation from being too intense!  It’s fairly quiet for its power, and can run for quite awhile on a full charge.  It also holds its charge well; our testers said that it still worked after a week or more away from its charger.  The one negative to this wand is that it can’t be charged indefinitely.  After reaching a full charge, it needs to be unplugged, or else the over-charging will damage the battery’s lifespan.  This makes the Rechargeable Magic Wand slightly less convenient than toys that can be left in charging cradles, but since it manages to hold its charge well after being unplugged, it isn’t a big problem.
For more information on how to use this toy (or any wand-style vibrator), check out the video above, and then the wand comparison video to figure out which one (or more than one!) matches your tastes best!

Aug 102009

I do hope you enjoy my first video review, complete with catchy intro music!

  • FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    FemBlossom by Emotional Bliss

    Toy: The FemBlossom

  • Type: premium battery powered vibrator, heating (rechargable)
  • Manufacturer: Emotional Bliss
  • Material:  hard plastic, with antibacterial silver ions in the plastic
  • Cost: $99.95
  • SMT rating: 1 – 3 (depending on settings), with accompanying heat

The Femblossom comes from Emotional Bliss, a wonderful company with a unique approach to designing toys that stand apart.  They produce especially great products for women just learning to explore their own bodies with toys or who have not been satisfied with other products on the market.  The FemBlossom is no exception, and proves to be a fantastic outty vibe!

My Femblossom was sent to me for review and arrived well packaged, including an AC adapter, two small bottles of lubricant (water and silicone based), and a wonderful instruction manual.  The manual goes over the functions of the toy, including all 9 settings at 3 different levels of power annnnd it also heats!  I should mention that it is made with a silver ion technology in the plastic that gives it anti-bacterial properties when wiped down with water.

The Femblossom is designed as an outty toy, for use on the vulva including the clitoris, but not for insertion.  As you can see from the video, it’s curved to match the body and lay at the outside of the vulva, or directly stimulate the clit by pressing the curved section against the vulva or using the tip of the vibe.  It has subtle texture, not enough to overwhelm but enough to notice.  As you turn up the vibrations, you also turn up the heat.  The power button is located within easy finger’s reach, and you can scroll through the 9 settings using the + and – buttons.  It gets very powerful and very warm, but can also have a mild thrum with lower heat for those who prefer a softer touch, or who like to warm up gently.

Like its inny-outty sister, the Womolia, this is an excellent premium toy with dynamic uses.  Most toys with a powerful motor are good for getting off but not warming up, this one has a range that goes from sweetly seductive to very intense.  The heat function can be both relaxing and stimulating, and proves to be highly enjoyable.

For those who prefer an outty-only vibrator that does not look anything like a phallus, this is a phenominal choice!  It’s easy to use with partners, and to accompany penetration, solo or partnered. The buttons are easy to press and do not require a great deal of finger strength or dexterity and the toy is light and easy to hold. The battery even holds a charge for a long time!  Like the Womolia, I can’t find anything wrong with this toy, and am very happy to give it my whole hearted recommendation as a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced toy lovers!

Check out all of the toys that have been Play Tested here on ExploringIntimacy.com.

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Jun 292009


The Womalia - Best of the Best

The Womalia - Best of the Best

  • Toy: Womolia
  • Type: premium rechargeable vibrator with 3 speeds spread over 9 settings… and it also heats
  • Manufacturer: Emotional Bliss
  • Material:  Hard plastic, with silver ions that make it anti-bacterial
  • Cost: $99.95
  • SMT rating: 0-2, depending on setting

Sound the trumpets and wave the flags, because this is a day I never thought would come.  

For the first time in six years, I am proud to announce a new favorite toy.  Yes, my friends, the amazing Hitachi Magic Wand must now yield its cherished seat of honor to the Womolia.  

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Jun 082009

Reviews will now be called “Play Testing,” thanks to the suggestion of my LDS friend B.  B and the rest our gaming group took a break from one of our board & card game parties (you know you’re secretly jealous) to inspect a couple of review vibes.  Let me tell you, gamers and sex toys are a winning combination!  The video of us checking out the NaughtiNano will be up soon.

Feminine & Mighty - The Glitz G-Spot

Feminine & Mighty - The Glitz G-Spot

  • Toy: Glitz G-Spot (in pink)
  • Type: 3 speed vibrator, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: PipeDream
  • Material:  unlisted, but does specify that it is free of phthalates (yay!)
  • Cost: about $20
  • SMT rating: 1-2, depending on setting

I’m happy to announce that Lustique.com has invited me to join their review team, and so you’ll be seeing a fresh write up of one of their toys every month.  This month they sent over a lovely, glittery pink Glitz G-Spot 3 speed vibe to review.  Believe me, it was a pleasure to help them out! The Glitz G-Spot is a feminine and mighty little toy, with easy controls.  It would make an excellent purchase for women (or couples that include at least 1 female partner) seeking an affordable, quiet, dynamic little toy.  I would be likely to recommend it to for a first-time vibe purchase, too.  Read all of the details after the jump!

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