Jul 142008

MSNBC recently reported on Tempest Storm, 80-year-old queen of the classy strip tease who still performs multiple times per year in Las Vegas. Back in the days of Bettie Page, when Tempest and her art were in their most popular years, full nude strip teases were not done. The word “tease” was still a part of things, and while ladies left little to the imagination, they did still leave a few flimsy garments on. Crowds were always left pleased, but wanting a little more, which is a wonderful state to be in. Tempest gives some wonderful words of wisdom and reflections. Furthermore, she offers additional proof that sexuality can, and often is, enjoyed throughout life. Younger generations, and society as a whole, might just be starting to cease the asexualization of our older generations. I’ve certainly enjoyed this mass media trend toward recognizing elder sexuality! Don’t forget, she isn’t just “sexy for her age,” she is sexy for any age. Watch the above vintage link and click on over to the full article – here.

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