Apr 102012

Sometimes, what you really need is a great big dildo.  Maybe you need it to accessorize for your next party, maybe you need a little something masculine for your altar, or maybe that special someone just knows what they like!  No matter what, you’ll be ready to give it to ’em with the Tantus T-Rex and a lot of lube.

  • Toy:  T-Rex (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: (Very big) Dildo
  • Manufacturer: Tantus
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: N/A
Nowhere near actual size

The Tantus T-Rex lives up to its name

Let’s get the obvious, most important point out of the way first: the T-Rex is big.  This high-quality silicone dildo by Tantus measures 2-1/4″ across and 6-7″ insertable length.  I think that numbers don’t really communicate the massive-feeling girth of this toy, so you’re well-advised to check out the video above so you can see how it looks in relation to other objects, like a hand (I can’t even get mine all the way around it!).
So, other than its hulking presence, what else is there to know about the T-Rex?  Well, it’s by Tantus, and that means it’s high-quality.  It is also quite lovely, and could be considered a functional piece of art.    It’s nicely detailed, with some well-formed ridges, ‘veins,’ and other flourishes, enough to make it semi-realistic, but not enough to make it uncannily so.  Since it’s made from high-quality silicone, it’s easily cleanable (like most Tantus toys)–you can boil it, run it through the dishwasher without soap or bleach, or wash it with antibacterial hand soap.  It’s also fairly heavy, around 1.5-2 pounds.  Since it’s got some attached balls, it’s harness-compatible, but be aware that you’ll need a larger ring than most other harness-compatible dildos, and a stretchy one at that.   It has a nice bit of flexibility, but is still firm enough to be usable for anal play.
Bottom line, make sure you’re really looking for something this large and get a sense for how thick it is.  If you do want a large toy, this is a fantastic one, because it is difficult to find high-quality toys in this size.  If it’s what you’re looking for, you’re very likely to be happy with the T-Rex.  And, hey, even if you don’t know anyone who can take it, you can wear it around to make one hell of a first impression.
Dec 112011

They say that the winter holidays are a time for giving and that giving is more fun than receiving, but I think that you can have fun on either end–or both–with this toy.  The Cush is a dual-density silicone dildo by Tantus with a semi-realistic shape and a gorgeous, unrealistic color.  It’s on the hefty side of moderate (see the video) and plenty firm with a wide flared base, for fun anywhere you want to put it.  In addition to the great feel of the firmer core and the somewhat softer outer layer, this is a uniquely beautiful dildo.  It makes use of having two layers of silicone by putting a frosty white color over a rich purple core.

  • Toy: Cush (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Dildo
  • Manufacturer: Tantus
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $62
  • SMT rating: N/A
The Tantus Cush is a gorgeous and delicious-feeling silicone dildo
Like the previously reviewed Tantus Bandit and Mark, the Cush is a dual-density dildo; it has a firm silicone core, with a softer, squishier silicone outer layer.  As with the Bandit and Mark, this dual-density silicone gives the Cush a deliciously realistic feel.  The Cush’s density is a little firmer than some other dual-density toys, making it plenty flexible but not too much so.  It has a very nice feel to the touch and is enjoyable to squeeze with a hand or other body parts.  The Cush’s 6.5″ are pleasantly smooth with some texturing on the shaft, and its 1.75″ width gives it some nice heft.
The best part, however, of the Cush is how beautiful it is.  Unlike the Bandit and Mark, which are flesh-colored, the Cush embraces an unrealistic aesthetic, with a frosted-white outer layer and purple core.  The purple of the core peeks through differently depending on the thickness of the outer layer in the given area, and gives it a very pretty sort of “icicle with snow on top” look.
As far as I’m concerned, the Cush doesn’t really have any downsides or caveats to speak of.  As usual, it is important to note that since the Cush is a silicone toy, it shouldn’t be used with silicone lubricant.  This is particularly important for these dual-density toys, as the squishy outer layer of silicone can be particularly vulnerable to a conflict with silicone lube.

Mar 202011

Sometimes, a girl wants a big, sparkly, crazy, purple schlong to wear while parading around the house as a mystical unicorn.  Other times, she knows that the best silicone dildo is one that blends in with the crowd by being delightfully realistic, of average size, and a lovely combination of form and function.  Glitter and swirls have their place, but if you’re looking for a high-quality dildo that has those realistic attributes and won’t intimidate your crush when you stand next to him at the urinal, this might be just the one you’re looking for!

  • Toy: Mark (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Realistic dildo, harness-compatible
  • Manufacturer: Tantus
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $83
  • SMT rating: N/A

It may be average in terms of size, but for realism and delightfulness, the Mark is anything but

The Mark dildo by Tantus is in some ways a breath of fresh air in the world of sex toys: it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good, realistic dildo that isn’t significantly larger-than-average in terms of length and/or girth.  Thankfully, Mark is not only incredibly realistic looking and feeling, it’s also of a nice, average size, making it pleasant to use and to wear without being intimidating or requiring extensive warm-up.

Like the Vixskin Bandit, the Mark is made from two layers of silicone: a hard silicone inside, and softer, more flexible silicone outside.  This gives it a surprisingly realistic feel, and the carefully detailed outside (complete with veins and faux urethral opening) match the texture with lifelike visuals.  At about 6″ long and 1.5″ wide, the Tantus Mark is quite close to the average American penis size.  It has a flared base that is strap-on harness-compatible.  Since it’s made from silicone, it’s easy to clean and sterilize and is safe to use with any water-based lubes (but don’t use silicone lubes with it).

Thanks to the dual-silicone nature of the Mark, it’s realistic feeling.  This also gives it some flexibility, so it’s easy to get the angle right and find a comfortable fit for the toy.  (For comparison with the Vixskin Bandit, the Mark felt a little firmer and less flexible than the Bandit; however, since the Bandit is much larger than the Mark, it’s difficult to tell whether that’s due to size or brand.)  Again, it’s difficult to overstate how nice and realistic the toy looks and feels.  The only slightly unrealistic look to the toy comes from its shiny head, but this may be a plus for people who don’t want their toy to look too real. The shininess of the head also makes it a nice attention-drawer.  The flared base makes the Mark perfect for putting in a strap-on harness, as well as making it safe for anal play.

The only downside that you might find with the Mark is if you’re looking for a realistic harness-compatible dildo that also has a realistic scrotum and testicles, since Mark lacks these attributes.  But if you don’t like that sort of thing, then their absence is a plus.  Other than that, the Mark is a nice, basic, realistic and nicely average-sized dildo with the added complexity and enjoyment of the double-silicone layers to give it a sexy feel.

Aug 012010

The Tantus B-Bomb is a moderate but filling anal plug with a removable vibrating bullet.  Its strong vibrations make it an enjoyable toy, and its moderate size with slim tapering make it easy to use but substantial enough that experienced anal aficionados will still find it fun.

B-Bomb Plug is sleek and filling

Don’t let the name scare you: Tantus’s B-Bomb is only a moderate size, with its tapered tip and smooth, high-quality silicone mean that it’s here for your pleasure.  This sleek anal plug comes with a removable vibrating bullet, which means the toy has lost some of its buzz, it should be easy to replace the batteries (which are watch-sized) or the bullet itself.  The B-Bomb packs a nice, solid rumble, making it pleasurable to use.  The slim point of a tip makes it easy to warm yourself up with the toy instead of your fingers, and turning on the vibrations can help your body relax into the sensation.  The B-Bomb is average-sized or slightly above, and would be very filling for most people; if you have a vagina in addition to your anus, a partner penetrating you vaginally while you are using the B-Bomb would certainly be able to feel its vibrations, as well.

The B-Bomb may be a bit too large for newbies to anal play, or for those who aren’t feeling warmed up during a particular session.  That said, however, the nice tapering of its tip means that a beginner could use the toy to warm up by only playing with a short length of it, rather than trying to fit the whole toy in at once.  Of course, since it’s a plug, the B-Bomb isn’t meant for heavy thrusting sort of play; instead, it should be inserted and left in while the user engages in other sexy times (or something completely unrelated, if that’s your thing!).

Overall, the B-Bomb is a high-quality silicone anal plug that should be filling and enjoyable for most users.  Its slim tapering makes it easy to insert and warm up with, and its strong vibrations make it a pleasurable toy to leave in during sexy play.