May 062011

In spite of all the bad press, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the world is full of amazing guys who really care about pleasuring their partners.  Yes, that even includes straight guys!  At a recent workshop for men with female partners, I reviewed twelve top myths about male sexuality that I see as a coach.  When it came time to talk about the specifics of anatomy, pleasure, and technique, I wanted to make sure that guys would have resources they could use at home, too. So, I passed this DVD around and suggested that they each consider getting a copy for themselves and their sweeties.  I don’t usually recommend a specific product (versus a general range of products) at my workshops, but this video is such an excellent blend of sexiness, education, and comfortable tone, there just isn’t anything better on the topic.

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is a must-have, sexy educational video on female pleasure


Tristan Taormino is known for her excellent and sexy educational videos, and she continues to impress me with the quality of her DVD offerings.  This recent video offering from Vivid Video is a guide to female pleasure and orgasm, and it is the best one of its type that I have seen.  It starts with great discussions of technique and then some sexy interviews, followed by long explicit scenes featuring authentic female pleasure, one couple at a time.

The Expert Guide features an ethnically diverse cast made up of popular stars from both the mainstream heterosexual and queer porn worlds.  It’s full of accurate, concise information on the female anatomy and orgasm, with both male/female and female/female couples demonstrating their chemistry, arousal, and orgasms in a very female-centric manner.  As you might guess, the video has a huge emphasis on female orgasm; it’s the centerpiece of the explicit scenes, with only two male orgasms taking place during the entire DVD and no facial come shots.  Since the female performers in this video chose their partners for their scenes, the chemistry shows in their genuine interactions.  There are also a lot of extras with information on toys, Kegel exercises, masturbation and other related topics.

There is very little negative to say about the Expert Guide to Female Orgasms.  Those who are simply watching to see women getting off will need to do some fast-forwarding to get past the educational beginning, but the sexy explicit scenes are worthwhile even if they are the only portion you watch; it’s tough to find real female orgasms in porn, and so exciting and refreshing to see such powerful ones as are on this DVD.  Also, while the body types of the performers are diverse, there aren’t any particularly fat cast members, so those who are interested in bodies with more cushion may feel a bit left out.

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is one of my most highly recommended educational videos.  It’s absolutely perfect for couples with a female partner to watch and enjoy together in order to learn about her pleasure.  I’d be surprised to hear from anyone who can make it to the end of the video without trying some of its suggestions themselves before it’s over!


Sep 102008

Ellen and Portia’s beautiful wedding video came out on YouTube. Take a look, and be sure to turn on your audio in order to enjoy the background music. It got me a little misty eyed! Miss their wedding announcement and pap pics? They weren’t nearly as nice, but you can find them – here

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Aug 222008
Guess What She Is Up To With Her OhMiBod

Guess What She Is Up To With Her OhMiBod

Alrighty, I know this was already featured in today’s Teasers, but… wow. OhMiBod’s new viral video commercial deserves its own post. It’s aptly named “NaughtiGirl,” believe you me. This one doesn’t have any explicit videos, but you’ll want headphones if you’re not ready to share some impressively naughty audio with everyone around you.

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