Aug 012010

Babeland has done it again, with another high-quality water-based gel lubricant.  Babelicious lubes are sweet, dessert-flavored lubricants that have a light smell and pleasant taste, but avoid bad chemicals and don’t dry out too fast.  They’re just the thing for fun intimate play that lets you switch from massage to oral lovin’ without needing to worry about chemical tastes in your mouth.

  • Toy:  Babelicious Lube (sent by for review)
  • Type: Flavored lubes, water-based, gel
  • Manufacturer: Babeland
  • Material: Water-based (Glycerine and paraben-free)
  • Price: $8
  • SMT rating: N/A

Babelicious Lubes come in a variety of delectable flavors

Following up on their BabeLube, Babeland has also started offering the Babelicious line of flavored lubes for your continued intimate enjoyment.  These lubes, which come in four different flavors, have a light, sweet, desserty smell that makes them excellent for use as massage accessories as well as intimate lubricants.  They have a strong, enticing flavor, making them easy to mix with oral pleasure without unfortunate aftertastes.

Babelicious lubes are water-based and a gel consistency, though not as thick as Babelube.  Since they are glycerine and paraben-free, which makes them safe for your body.  As water-based lubes, they are safe for use with all styles of sex toys and condoms.  They work well as lubricants and stay slick longer than any other flavored lube used by our testers.  They have a pleasant consistency, and are perfect for a variety of intimate uses.  If you’re looking for a body-safe flavored lube that isn’t made from sugars or dries out immediately, Babelicious is just what you’re looking for.

Jul 282008
Yes organic lubricant

Pretty Packaging: Yes organic lubricant

Product: Yes water-based organic lube and intimate moisturizer

Price: .9fl oz for $8, 2.6fl for $23, up to 4.4fl oz for $34

Purchased at: (I received a complimentary .9fl oz bottle, and you can too – here)

Summary: Yes water-based lube is a delightful, natural and healthy lubricant. Starting as a pleasantly clingy gel (easy to dispense and place), it spreads evenly and absorbs to leave skin smooth instead of gloppy or sticky. Yes has unseated the beloved Maximus as the nightstand lubricant of choice for vaginal use at The Explorers Blog. The bottle is attractive and simple to use with one hand. The product smells slightly fresh and plant-like to me, in a very good way, (although others have reviewed as smell-free) and has no taste. It’s pricy, but completely worth it. If you’ve never tried lube, or had negative lube experiences in the past, this is a product that will have you saying “Yes, please!”

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